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Local Data Aggregators

Harness the power of Data Aggregator Networks to boost local rankings

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Why choose BrightLocal?

  • Submit to 5 Major Data Aggregator Networks

    Data Axle, Foursquare, Neustar Localeze, Yellow Pages Network, and GPS Network.

  • Low-Cost Solution

    Just $25 per Aggregator Network, or all 5 for $100—saving 20%.

  • Quick Submission

    Business data is checked and submitted within 5 days.

  • Free Updates For 12 Months

    No charge if you need to make an update.

  • No Automatic Renewal

    You're in complete control.

  • Managing 20+ Locations?

    Our team can handle the whole process for you.

Distribute business data to 1,000s of directories, apps, and mapping services

Widen the reach of your business data across the web by combining manual local citation submissions with Data Aggregator Networks.

A free Citation Builder account gives immediate access to both.

From a single dashboard, you can create, update, and manage listings ‘at source’, and quickly get your business information pushed out to 1,000s of sites.

The widest distribution… at the lowest price

Whether you’re managing one location or 10,000, BrightLocal is the most cost-effective solution for getting business data distributed through your choice of Local Data Aggregator Network.

  • Neustar Localeze – $25 per location

  • Data Axle – $25 per location

  • Foursquare – $25 per location

  • Yellow Pages Network – $25 per location

  • GPS Network – $25 per location

  • All 5 – $100 per location (20% discount)

"We love how Citation Builder allows us to effectively bulk order citations across various Data Aggregators and listings. It takes out the hassle of having to do all of the work manually!"
Anthony Abu-Hanna

Start your first campaign in five easy steps

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Start submitting your business data to 1,000s of sites today!

Free account set-up
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Prices from $25
What is a local data aggregator and what do they do?

A local data aggregator is a platform that submits business data to a network of citation sites. They act a little like a marketplace that trades business information, and can make citation building a quick and easy process.

Learn more about data aggregators here.

What’s the difference between a data aggregator and manual submissions?

The main difference is the speed and coverage. With a data aggregator, you’ll be added to a finite number of sites based on the citation sites within each aggregator network, although you’re not guaranteed to get a listing on every site. This happens quite quickly and can save you time.

On the other hand manual submissions, as the name suggests, have to be built manually, one by one. You can spend time doing this yourself or use a citation building service to greatly speed up the process.

For further information on the differences between data aggregators and manual submissions read our article Manual Submissions vs. Aggregator Submissions: What’s the Best Approach?